National Robotics Week, ASEE-endorsed virtual P-12 PD summer workshops & More!

Design a robot floor cleaner, student contests & more!
Spring – Daylight Labor Savings – 2021
Roomba vs. Lazy Cat 🦥
Loathe it or love it, the annual rite of spring cleaning has grown ever easier – thanks to engineers. The vacuum cleaner has been a particular boon, evolving from a cart-drawn British behemoth in 1901 to today’s high-tech helpers like iRobot’s Roomba (video, above) and Dyson’s intelligent vacuum. Your designers will get swept up in this month’s activities marking National Robotics Week April 3-11. Count on it!

BONUS: Read a National Center for Women & Information Technology interview with engineer Helen Greiner, cofounder of iRobot and visionary behind the Roomba.

ACTIVITY: Clean the Floor Using a Robot
Students in grades 7 to 9 explore mathematical algorithms and geometric concepts to devise possible solutions to how a robotic vacuum should move to best clean a floor of unknown shape and dimensions. After brainstorming, analyzing, and presenting their best ideas, they are introduced to an elegant solution that involves a random number generator.

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1, 2 – Robot Hand, Please Tie My Shoe (K-12)
Program a Friend (Grades 1-8)
Design a Robotic Basketball Player (Grades 5-12)
Engineer a Robotic Bee (Grades 6-8)
Automatic Floor Cleaner Computer Program Challenge (Grades 6-8)
DIY Bristlebots (all ages)

FEATURE: Robotic "Janitors" Scrub Schools
Image: Robotic hand developed by Sandia National Lab
Schools are deploying robotic floor cleaners and other systems to free up maintenance personnel for more critical tasks during the pandemic. Some are even using the autonomous scrubbers to teach coding!

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Solivng for Equity: Teaching Engineering Math with Robotics (Jan. 2021 ASEE Prism feature)
Robotic Bees Take Wing
Robots Took Gold at 2018 Olympics
Robots to the Rescue!
SPOTLIGHT: TeachEngineering Summer PD
Put the "E" in Your STEM Classes

Learn skills and tools to help you integrate engineering and design in your STEM classes with TeachEngineering’s professional development virtual workshops for PreK-12 teachers. ASEE endorsed!

Sign up HERE. Two different workshops occur June 14-17 and again August 9-12.

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EVENT: Girl Scout Virtual STEM Festival April 17

Broadway tech, robotics, and racecar engineering are among dozens of engaging, interactive sessions being presented at Awesome Girls: National Girl Scout STEM Festival, a free virtual showcase for K-12 girls – including non-Girl Scouts – and their families. Register by April 9 for the Saturday, April 17 event.

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EVENT: National Robotics Week April 3-11

Celebrate National Robotics Week with robot videos, family code night, or other fun virtual activity designed to inspire the next generation of engineers and roboticists.

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BONUS: Download RoboWeek 2021’s Robot All-Stars Cards

Student Contests & Other Opportunities
3M Young Scientist Challenge

Discovery Education and 3M invite students in grades 5 – 8 to create short videos describing a unique solution to an everytday problem for a chance to win $25,000 and a 3M mentorship. Deadline: April 27.

Learn more.

Genes In Space
Genes in Space Challenge

How will a deep space mission affect our DNA? Can we detect alien life forms? Students in grades 7-12 design an experiment using PCR or other tool in the Genes in Space toolkit for a chance to launch it to the International Space Station. See webinar schedule for educator and team guidance. Submit proposals by April 12.

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Changemakers Challenge
Have an idea to change the world? T-Mobile and Ashoka invite students from 13 to18 to submit innovative ideas for creating more connected, sustainable, and inclusive communities. The top 15 teams will receive $5,000 and an all-expenses-paid trip to Bellvue, Wash., for a three-day Changemakers Lab in July, with one $15,000 grand prize. Apply by April 8 at 9 p.m. PDT.

Learn more.

Swift Student Challenge
The Apple Developer Program invites students 13 and up worldwide to create an interactive scene in a Swift playground that can be experienced in 3 minutes. Submissions are due by April 18 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

Learn more.

Educator Resources, Grants & Opportunities
National Science Teachers Association’s "Daily Do" Playlists
NSTA’s Daily Do Playlists are instructional sequences of two or more lessons that help students coherently build science ideas over time. Lessons have been updated to facilitate remote learning.

Learn more.

The Science of Energy: Teacher Professional Development
The National Energy Educatonal Development Project (NEED) offers free, live virtual energy education workshops and other professional learning opportunities for P-12 teachers in subjects from electricity to climate science to solar, wind, and nuclear energy.

Learn more.

Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam Grants for STEM Learning via Invention
High school STEM teachers and educators at nonprofit educational organizations can receive up to $10,000 to develop and integrate a year-long, hands-on project into their courses that involves students in planning, teamwork, and invention. Initial application due April 5.

Learn more.

Siemens Possibility Grant Sweepstakes
Teachers can win up to $5,000 for their school to build and equip a top-tier STEM lab. Enter daily through April 30.

Learn More.

"Living in a Material World" Grants
The ASM Materials Education Foundation awards 20 grants of $500 each to help teachers bring the real world of materials science into their classrooms. Apply by May 25.

Learn More.

Engineering Career-Exploration Resources
Real-World Researchers
STEM Careers. — Show students what engineers do with Discovering You: Engineering Your World, a new video series from NBCLearn, Chevron, and ASEE.
Learn more.

Chemical Engineering Careers. — YouTube series launched by the Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation aims to convey the major positive impact that chemical engineers and scientists have on society. Each video includes a proposed lesson for incorporating the cutting edge research into the classroom.
Learn more.

NASA Internships. — High school, college, and grad students can work with engineers and scientists on sending the first woman to the moon and other missions.
Learn more.

Discovering You: Sosena Wood | NBC Learn
ASEE-eGFI Engineering Education @ Home
Check out ASEE-eGFI’s list of resources for STEM learning at home, including the San Francisco Exploratorium’s learning toolbox for your virtual classroom.
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