Engineering Everywhere

New project. Observe stuff. Ask questions. Talk to interesting people. Actively add to e4k. Prompt it.

Starting off here in the Bahamas sailing trip at Highbourne Cay Marina. So much engineering everywhere. This little island is the gateway to cruising in the Exumas cays in the north eastern Bahamas with Nassau 30 miles west as the arrival point and charter base.

About 35 people live on the island and cater to boaters from couples from Newfoundland on their own boats, bareboat charters, crewed charters to 100+ ft yachts with owners, guests and permanent crew.

Man-made or enhanced harbor, marina facilities, resort amenities, staff housing and transportation. Marina guests on boats of all sorts and sizes with all their equipment. And all the natural engineering that has informed and amazed observers throughout time. It’s a start.