Boomerang Can

When you roll this boomerang can away from you, it will come right back!

To make a boomerang can you need

  • an old coffee tin with a plastic lid
  • a long elastic band
  • two toothpicks
  • a nail
  • a hammer
  • a heavy nut
  • a paperclip
  • tape


  1. Hammer the nail through the center of the bottom of the can and then hammer the nail through the center of the plastic lid of the coffee can.
  2. Unbend the paperclip and wrap it around the nut.
  3. Hook the nut to the center of the elastic.
  4. Thread one end of the elastic band through the inside hole in the bottom of the can.
  5. Secure the band with a toothpick and then tape the toothpick to the can.
  6. Thread the elastic band through the hole in the plastic, lid, put the lid on the can, and secure the elastic band with the toothpick and tape.

The nut should be suspended inside the can. Roll away!

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