Spy with a Periscope

Periscope simple

Peek around corners without being seen. A periscope allows you to look almost anywhere while hiding behind walls, furniture, doors – wherever.

To make a periscope you need:

  • a one liter milk carton
  • scissors
  • two small rectangular purse-sized mirrors
  • masking tape


  1. Cut the pointed end off the carton.
  2. Cut a 7 cm square from one side at the open end of the carton, near the top.
  3. Tape your cut out square to where the spout was to make a flat top.
  4. Tape a mirror inside the hole at a 45 degree angle, the reflective side facing the bottom of the carton.
  5. Cut a 7 cm square from the opposite side of the carton at the bottom
  6. Tape the other mirror, reflective side facing the first mirror, inside this hole at a 45 degree angle.

Look through the bottom hole and start spying!
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