wood structure


Wood aircraft construction dates back to the early days of aircraft. Today only a limited number of wood aircraft structures are produced. However, many of the older airframes remain in service. With proper care, airframes from the 1930’s through the 1950’s have held up remarkably well.

Engineering innovations in construction with wood

  • D-Process(video 1:20) – prefabricated house building technique. The homes are designed on a computer, with every tiny detail factored in, including the position of plug sockets. The future homeowner can organize their space according to their personal specifications. A shipping container with 3D-printers brought to the location, and cuts the bare wooden walls to the precise size, creating the chassis, or rather a “big wooden Lego”. These ‘Lego’ pieces are complete with all the holes need for fitting electricity, insulation, and drainage system. A four-bedroom house can be assembled in under a week. It needs fewer materials, meaning it is substantially more ecological.

Engineering ideas

  • deterioration, shrinkage, bonding, adhesive, split, splinter, hardness, shock resistant capacity, gluing, joints, grain, knots, pitch, compression failure, decay, adhesives, roughening, wetting test, splicing

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