spatial awareness puzzles

Spatial Awareness puzzles

Spatial awareness puzzles rely on your ability to visualize and mentally manipulate objects in an environment. Spatial reasoning often requires comprehending 2D or 3D space. Our spatial puzzles and games test your ability to grasp the relationship and orientation of an object to its environment and any neighboring objects. Prove your spatial intelligence by conquering these challenging online spatial games.
Note: most of these games use Flash and don’t work on phones or tablets. They work fine on most computers at school.

  • open the web site Spatial Awareness puzzles
  • pick one of the puzzles
  • play the puzzle
  • write a review – add a “comment” at the bottom of this page with the puzzle title and a rating. How hard was it? Was it fun? Would you play it again? Would you recommend it?
  • if the puzzle was previously reviewed – What did you think? Do you agree or disagree with other reviews? Why?

Thanks to everyone who played the puzzles and provided reviews! Some feedback.

  • CanUFit – I enjoyed the puzzle. Some of the levels were very challenging. IV
  • Assembler 4 – Fun but hard. KW
  • Atomic Puzzle – Good but hard. CR
  • Shaper – Not interesting and the game doesn’t give proper instructions. TP
  • Wooden Path – I liked it. TM
  • Squanda – It was fun but was challenging. TP