IGEW bridge

Bridges – Engineers and architects designed the famous Brooklyn Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, London Bridge, and others. Find out about civil engineering as you design and test your own bridge!

News, updates

  • SWE Space Coast Bridges – jumbo craft sticks pre-drilled, rods, straw spaces, rubberbands – IGEW 3/28/2015
  • SWE Space Coast IGEW 2014 – We modified the design to use fewer craft sticks. The instructions show a 55 stick model — we only use 44 now. Sample bridges in the bridge tub. There is a Jig for use with a drill press for drilling the jumbo craft sticks. Also need 6 inch bamboo skewers with the points cut off (7 per bridge). We normally stacked the craft sticks in piles of 11 and drilled them all at once using a drill press to cut down on the drilling.

Learn more…

  • How to Build a Simple Paper Bridge as a Science Experiment – learn how to build a paper bridge whose structure you can change to see how different designs affect the load-bearing capacity.
  • Spaghetti Bridge – build a bridge made from spaghetti and glue/epoxy. The object is to construct a bridge that will carry the heaviest load while still meeting specifications. Bridges will be loaded until they fail.

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