virtual field trip

Virtual Field Trip (vft) – make a documentary virtual field trip to a destination or project. Include information about the engineering or the structure or object as well as pictures and video of the experience.

Create a presentation, document or video.

  • computer lab
  • classroom computers
  • devices – 1:1, shared, Bring Your Own… (BYO device, technology)

Some suggestions

  • make a model and record the development process and the test runs
  • go to the location and make images and videos
  • find online video resources to include
  • find images that illustrate your virtual trip
  • add QR codes or short URLs with links to “bibliography” sites

When using online resources that you didn’t make

  • be respectful of copyright material and use the material within the allowed copyright license terms and conditions


  • video, images – camera, iMovie
  • presentation – PowerPoint, Prezi