UVS unmanned vehicle systems

Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS) – unmanned systems and robotic technologies


  • air, ground and maritime systems
  • tracks
  • cars
  • trains

Airspace Access
Surface Transportation
First Responder Grants
Frequency Spectrum

MBARI Underwater vehicles – MBARI researchers have designed and made extensive use of robotic submersibles. These include remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), which are controlled through a tether to the sea surface, and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), which are programmed at the surface and navigate through the water on their own. MBARI researchers have pioneered the use of these high-tech vehicles for many ground-breaking scientific research projects and experiments.
Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs)
Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs)
The benthic rover

Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) – ROVs are robotic submarines that are connected to a ship by a very long cable. Pilots and researchers aboard the ship control the ROV to observe and collect animals or perform experiments. ROVs have been a primary tool for research at MBARI ever since 1989, when MBARI acquired ROV Ventana. Our researchers are continually updating and improving our ROVs, as well as adding new tools that allow them to do everything from laying fibre-optic cables on the seafloor to performing chemistry experiments 3,500 meters below the ocean surface. Our second ROV, Tiburon, was designed and built at MBARI, but was retired in 2008 for a newer, more powerful ROV, the ROV Doc Ricketts.

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