Flight testing Boeing 787 prototype

The words test and testing have many meanings. For engineering purposes, these are the usual meanings:

  • Testing or experimentation is part of the scientific method, to verify or falsify an already formed expectation with an observation.
  • In manufacturing, quality control testing is a procedure designed to test the functionality of the product under potentially harmful conditions. This product is frequently called the unit under test, or UUT.
  • In Software engineering, testing is used to find bugs in programs.
  • Non-destructive testing – Ultrasound measurements are among the most frequently applied technologies in non-destructive testing. The principle is similar to the echolocation that bats use to gather information on their surroundings, possible obstacles and prey using ultrasonic sounds.

Repeatability (video 3:07) – Engineers test things many times to see how they work. They create restraints before starting a test to find out if their test shows the proper results. NASA knows that test repetition leads to positive results.

  • Quality control and quality engineering are involved in developing systems to ensure products or services are designed and produced to meet or exceed customer requirements. These systems are often developed in conjunction with other business and engineering discplines using a cross-functional approach.
Crash test dummy
  • Highway Safety Vehicle Research Center

Engineering ideas

  • verify, validate, observation, results, expectations, quality control, functionality, safety, security, repeatability, failure analysis