tech – 2015 oct

Computer games and activities

  • Spatial Awareness Puzzles – rely on your ability to visualize and mentally manipulate objects in an environment. Spatial reasoning often requires comprehending 2D or 3D space. Our spatial puzzles and games test your ability to grasp the relationship and orientation of an object to its environment and any neighboring objects. Prove your spatial intelligence by conquering these challenging online spatial games.
  • Scratch – programming, game design – Create stories, games, and animations. Share with others around the world. A creative learning community with 10,873,429 projects shared
  • Thimble – web pages – Make your own version of these popular projects…Keep Calm Poster, Back-to-School Postcard or Current Events Comic


  • Jumping frog – make one yourself. It’s really cool to see it in action and really fun to play with. Just press on its back and watch it hop. Origami – more beautiful complicated structures and creatures from a piece of paper
  • Hologram projector – Make a 3D Hologram with stuff you already own
  • simple machines – LEGO kits – build, photograph / video, explanation of engineering

Presentations, research

  • Introduction to Engineering – video / presentation / infographic – find existing videos, or produce your own
  • Engineering 4 Kids stories – research and add to existing stories, create new entries
  • hands-on activities – find activities with instructions, videos to share. Test drive the activities and show your work.

Other engineering related activities