Track Cycling


  • skydiving – parachutes
  • baseball, football
  • hockey skates – spring-loaded skates have proven to give athletes a competitive advantage by increasing the contact duration of the skate blade during a stride while simultaneously allowing the skater to harness energy which would otherwise have been wasted. This leads to increased speed, acceleration, and agility, while at the same time reduces the likelihood of acquiring some of the more common (yet preventable) sporting injuries.
  • sailing
  • biking
  • motor sports – car racing, motorcycle

Fast pool for Olympic swimmers

  • two new wet suits designs – “Diverter” for surfers has a bold black and white banding pattern to confuse sharks into believing that the wearer is actually a really gnarly tasting morsel. The “Elude” suit acts more like a traditional camouflage, and plays with the sharks perception of light and color. Once in the suit snorkelers are hidden from sharks by blending in the water column.

Engineering ideas

  • nano particles, microcontroller, sensor,