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North America from low orbiting satellite Suomi NPP

Learn how satellites work in outer space and why they are important, then design and build your own!

  • Satellites – How do satellites stay in orbit? How do they communicate information? Here are some ways we explored satellites recently.

Engineering ideas
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  • Satellites iGEW 3/27/15
  • Reading Satellite Images – number of related images, observations, discussion about satellites, vocabulary – could be expanded to use Google Earth
  • NASA IMAGE satellite activities – more than 100 activities. Old but most activities still interesting and appropriate.
  • Creating an Action / Reaction Model – to better understand how rockets and satellites change direction.
  • On Stage for Orbit – to understand how a satellite can stay in orbit around the earth; to discover why it takes a two stage rocket to put a satellite into orbit.
  • Satellites in Orbit – To demonstrate two forces acting on a satellite.
  • Oval Orbits – To introduce the concept of orbit and to observe that objects can orbit in both oval and circular orbits.
  • TILT! – To demonstrate that satellites pass over different parts of the Earth on each revolution because the Earth is rotating beneath it.