show and tell

Show and tell… Remember when little kids had to being stuff to school for Show and Tell? This was the beginning of learning to be an engineer. Communicating ideas, showing work and explaining complex solutions are all part of the job for an engineer.

  • Neatness and Professionalism – clean, professionally presented, easy to view
  • Integration of Theory and Content – demonstrates an integration and understanding of the challenge and your research findings and problem solving
  • Quality of Content – demonstrates mastery and insights into the subject
  • Creativity and Insight – demonstrates creativity and insight about the challenge and proposed solutions

Learn more…

  • do one or more of: write a report, do a photo essay, compile a scrapbook, build a model, put on a live , do a statistical chart keep a journal, record interviews, design a mural, develop a simulation, set up an experiment. do a mind-map, engage in a debate, produce a videotape, develop a musical, choreograph a dance, create a rap or song, one of your own own design
  • screencasting – Using or Jing software from and only when it specifically applies to class assignments, students will create video tutorials roughly three-five minutes in length that guide their peers through previously unknown technological terrain. If students’ demonstrations don’t involve sharing a screen or the concepts somehow require an external recording devices, video cameras, smartphones, tablets, and other recording gadgets are useable.
  • Celebration of Learning – synthesize and reflect on your learning using your own creativity, passions, and personal interests. The description of this project was: To demonstrate overall knowledge and integration of the material studied and from the texts, do one of the following and demonstrate/report results: