shopping center

Shopping center

The shopping center (or mall) (video 4:15) might seem like one of the most obvious, cookie-cutter environments around, something we all take for granted. But when America’s first mall was built – less than 60 years ago, in Edina, Minn. – it was an exciting innovation, with ambitions for transforming American society.
Engineering ideas
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Challenges for you to work on…

  • The forgotten history of 4 everyday inventions that were supposed to change the world – After reading this article and watching the video, interview older friends/relatives/neighbors to get their opinions on what inventions from their youth have changed the world. Investigate and find more information about the history of those inventions. Use charts and graphs to present information.
  • Watch Shark Tank with family and friends and report back on some of the inventions presented on that show. Discuss patients and trademarks and their use.

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