science discovery

Parkes Radio Telescope, Australia

Behind every successful science discovery, there is an engineer. For really big science projects, like the NASA Space Program, thousands of engineers contributed to the designing, building and testing of the equipment used.

The Square Kilometre Array will be the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope. A global science and engineering project is underway to build the telescope which will address fundamental unanswered questions about our Universe. It is located in northern Australia so that it will be able to detect very faint signals without any interference from cellphones and city lights.

Instrumentation – see, hear, touch, taste, smell

  • microscopes – Compound, Dissection or Stereoscope, Confocal Microscope, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)
  • x-ray crystalography
  • Hubble Space Telescope


  • Watch a Snowflake Grow – (video 2:00) – Filmed through a microscope, it shows the simple beauty of snow crystals as they grow. You can clearly see the geometry in the exquisite time-lapse photography

Exploration – boldly go where no man can go today

  • UAV

Metal Foam b in Scanning Electron Microscope, magnification 10x

That’s engineering

  • science – the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of natural or human-made phenomena

Engineering ideas
Do it
Here are some challenges for you to work on…

  • find some examples of images taken with the aid of a microscope or telescope. Would these have been possible to view with just the “naked eye”?

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