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Scientists study the world as it is. Engineers modify the world to adapt to our needs.

Artifact – an object formed by humans, anything created by humans which gives information about the culture of its creator and users

Routes, paths, inquiry

Self-directed learning through discovery, personal learning environments and networks, facilitation, mentoring, guide on the side,… important ideas supported by the [/Engineering4Kids Engineering4Kids] collection. View random pages. Searched by keyword. Moving through topics starting with the basic concepts and progress to more complex theories and applications related to engineering and what engineers do.

Start with general engineering ideas, machines encountered in daily life, and household tools along with some high school STEM courses. You can follow this path or create one of your own.

  • [/Simple%20machines Simple machines] – [/Gears Gears], [/Wheel%20and%20Axle Wheel and Axle], [/Lever Lever], [/Inclined%20Plane Inclined Plane], [/Wedge Wedge], [/Screw Screw], [/Pulley Pulley], [/Complex%20machines Complex machines]
  • preparation, skills – spatial visualization
  • [/What%20were%20they%20thinking%3F What were they thinking?] – engineering stories
  • [/Introduction%20to%20Engineering Introduction to Engineering] – basics, applied science, disciplines
  • People – biographies, history of discovery, innovation, social needs, culture
  • [/STEM STEM] revisited – mostly Physics
  • Activities – hands-on, learn by doing, show and tell
  • CAD, 2-dimensional representation, 3-D visualization and rotation, 3-D modeling
  • Mechanical engineering – cars, motors, environmental, robotics
  • Civil engineering – [/Bridges Bridges], architecture, housing, global issues – clean water, sanitation
  • [/Aerospace Aerospace] – [/Aviation Aviation], spacecraft, [/Mars%20rovers Mars rovers], International SpaceStation, NASA, [/Sputnik%201 Sputnik 1], satellite
  • Biomedical engineering – prosthesis
  • [/Energy Energy], [/Materials Materials], [/Design%20Nature Nature]
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering – circuits

Routes, paths and playlists
Want some guidance? Routes, paths and playlists are loosely structured alternatives to totally self-directed exploration.

  • Route – start here and work through increasingly complex examples with a topic
  • Path – more like a hub with lots of different paths that are related to the central topic – [/Aviation%20Merit%20Badge Aviation Merit Badge]
  • Playlists – selection of examples around a theme but not in any particular sequence

Practical information

  • Engineering Toolbox – resources, tools and basic information for engineering and design of technical applications, alphabetical list of “tools” engineers need to reference to do their work.
  • Science quotes on: | Engineering

Read, Reflect, Display, and Do (R2D2) Model