Flagpole with pulley

What’s the problem?

  • Ask – How can a flag be raised on a 10-foot high flagpole while standing on the ground?
  • Imagine – How can a flag attached to a loop of rope, go up while pulling down on one side of the rope? Looping a rope over a branch works. How can this idea be used at the top of a flagpole? How can the rope be guided over the top of the flagpole? How can it be made to run smoothly?
  • Design, Build – Some sort of wheel with edges to guide the rope would work. The wheel needs to be attached to the top of the flagpole and the loop of rope attached before the flagpole is set upright.
  • Improve – Attaching the guide wheel was improved by adding a housing that included the axle for the wheel and a loop that could be attached to the structure.