Projectile has a single force that acts upon it – the force of gravity. If there were any other force acting upon an object, then that object would not be a projectile.

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  • free-body diagram of a projectile would show a single force acting downwards and labeled force of gravity (or simply Fgrav). Regardless of whether a projectile is moving downwards, upwards, upwards and rightwards, or downwards and leftwards, the free-body diagram of the projectile is still as depicted in the diagram [/at%20the%20right at the right]. By definition, a projectile is any object upon which the only force is gravity.
  • force – any influence that can produce a change in the speed, direction or shape of an object.

Engineering ideas

  • motion, Newton’s laws of motion, 1-dimension, 2-dimensions, force, gravity, kinematic principles, projectile, air resistance, inertia, acceleration, parabolic trajectory

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