paper shredder

Cutting head of a paper shredder, security level 3 with cross-cut

One important way to reduce the chance of identity theft is to reduce the amount of paper that you store that contains important personal information. Using a paper shredder is a big help. Another option is to have your extra papers securely shredded.

  • destruction – With the increased cost of identity theft, corporate scandals and privacy concerns, the destruction of both paper and electronic documents has become increasingly important to manage. Technologies such as shredders play a role, as do verifiable processes of destruction of electronic documents to ensure compliance with privacy laws.
  • secure shredding – to ensure security, shredders cut the paper so make it difficult to reassemble the document from the shreds. Short pieces cut diagonally are more difficult to piece together than long strips.

What’s the problem?
Mobile shredding service housed in a truck -The truck goes to businesses and other locations where paper is picked up and shredded on the spot.

  • Ask – How often do customers need large quantities of paper shredded? Where is the paper located? How much time would it take to shred the paper through and office shredder?
  • Imagine – What type of service could be offered to customers with large volumes of paper to shred? How can the service guarantee that documents have been safely shredded?
  • Design, Build – Customers can see their paper transferred from the collection bin, and into the truck’s shredder system on a small screen that is viewing the inside of the truck. The collection bin is returned empty. The paper has been securely shredded beyond recognition.
  • Improve – How can this service be improved? Some customers schedule regular pick-ups so they don’t have to store a lot of sensitive documents and worry about security.

Engineering ideas

  • shredder, cross-cut, mobile, remote viewing

Do It
Challenges for you to work on…

  • Cut a piece of paper with writing on it into lots of small pieces. Put the pieces into a container and mix them up. Try to reassemble the page from the pieces. How did you do? Was the cutting or shredding effective security? Now imagine trying to reassemble a truck full of documents that were cut into small pieces.

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