No problem!

Everywhere, everyone has problems to solve. Some are big, like launching rockets to care people and supplies to the International Space Station (ISS) as it orbits the earth.. These can take many years to solve even with the help of lots of other people.

Lots of other problems are smaller and you can solve these yourself. Getting something off a shelf can be as simple as getting a step ladder and climbing high enough to reach the item. You already know how to solve problems. Now think about HOW you solve problems.

What’s the problem?
Where you are an engineer or a scientist, there are some good steps to take to solve any problem – big or small. For small problems, you don’t even think about these steps. For big problems, it is really important for everyone working on the problem to understand the steps and who will do what.

To get started, engineers usually think about the problem like this:
How might we WHAT for WHOM in order to CHANGE something?

  • What:
  • Who:
  • Why:

That’s Engineering!

How did they do that? How does it work?

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