natural disasters

Natural disaster – the combination of a natural hazard (a physical event like a volcanic eruption, typhoon, tropical cyclone, tornado an earthquake, a landslide or a tsunami) and human activities. Natural disasters happen all over the world. We hear about them in the news all the time.

  • cost (infographic) – Natural disasters like hurricanes and floods have caused more than $2.4 trillion in economic and insurance losses in the past decade. Hurricanes are by far the costliest natural disasters from a financial standpoint, probably because they come with damaging winds and heavy rain.

Emergency Management

  • prevention
  • Preparation – Emergency preparedness is primarily an exercise in forethought. For severe weather conditions and earthquakes, the local power grid is almost always damaged and emergency management forces will experience difficulty coordinating a timely response. Prepare by maintaining an alternative means of communication and storing sufficient food and water supplies to remain healthy until a rescue is implemented.
  • recovery

That’s engineering

  • tsunami – a huge wave caused by a great disturbance under the ocean, as a strong earthquake or violent eruption

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