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10 Musicians Who Mastered Bizarre Instruments – Mastering any type of instrument is no small feat. But some people seek greater challenges than those offered by modern music. After the following musicians got bored with conventional instruments, they dug up old ones from ancient history or created their own from scratch.

Learn and Listen by Instrument – sample sounds and learn more about all of the instruments played by Dallas Symphony Orchestra musicians.

  • strings – Violin Viola Cello Double Bass Harp
  • percussion – Bass Drum Castanets Chimes Conga Drum Cowbell Cymbals Glockenspiel Gong Guiro Snare Drum Tambourine Tenor Drum Timpani Triangle Wood Block Xylophone
  • woodwinds – Flute Piccolo Oboe English Horn Clarinet Bass Clarinet Saxophone Bassoon Contrabassoon
  • brass – French Horn Trumpet Trombone Tuba
  • keyboards – Harpsichord Piano Organ
French horn

Brass – The main instruments of the brass family include the trumpet, trombone, French horn and tuba.

  • French Horn – The horn or French horn consists of about 12 feet of narrow tubing wound into a circle. The player obtains different notes on the horn with a clear mellow sound by pressing valves with the left hand and by moving the right hand inside of the bell.

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