model aircraft

Model aircraft

Model aircraft come in many sizes and shapes – everything from simple folded paper designs to jet-powered radio controlled and autonomous “models” as big as real airplanes.

Simple models

  • paper planes – papers, competitions, records
  • balsa wood – stamped, gliders, rubberband-powered
  • plastic – display

Radio control

Learning to fly a model aircraft is great experience. And this experience helps when learning to fly full size aircraft. Many young people have flown radio controlled models, then gone on to become pilots and careers in aviation and aeronautics.

  • Model Jet Yak 130 – international champion, amazing detail and accuracy including avionics and onboard camera

Radio controlled aircraft organizations

Engineering ideas

  • avionics, aerodynamic, radio controlled, autonomous, models

Do it
Now it is your turn. Here are some challenges for you to work on…

  • The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) has a number of programs which may be of interest to your aviation enthusiasts. RC Aircraft (radio controlled) are a great hobby and a good way to learn aerodynamics. Building your own RC plane can also teach youth about engineering and the design process. To view online go to Youth can apply for a free membership under the “join/renew” tab

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