Developed by the GE Volunteers in partnership with the Museum of Arts and Sciences (MOAS) – Daytona Beach, FL

snack packs – portable exhibits activities

exhibits and engineering 2016.3.29

vertical wind tunnel
Reflection strips of mirror
Touch screen
Ultra sound images

Erosion. Special liquid sand. Fragile

Dark room. Airlock
Track cars
Magnetic pipes wall
Museum exhibits. Safe. Rugged. Repairable

k-2 simple machines – recycle – soda bottles, pvc pipe, bucket – chairs/tables/railing to support pipe

  • pulley – bottles, line, bucket ? over pipe on chairs/railing – water weight – pull one direction. lift in the other. multiple pulleys – mechanical advantage
  • inclined plane – bottle car – rolling, resistance, drag, inertia
  • magnetism
  • circuits


  • name, engineering disciplines, keywords, type of activity, engineering descriptions – kids / adults / signs, rating / interest, feedback, cbb ? what’s the problem / engineering design
  • [/exhibits exhibits]
  • Shaky Ground – What happened? Further exploration So what? Connect to Engineering

List of permanent Children’s Museum exhibits

  • magnetic pipe wall ? challenges – uphill, and/or paths, land in the target bin
  • green handle
  • resonating wire
  • harp
  • audrey hepburn image
  • pulley chairs
  • race cars
  • percussion – Luis

List of GE Volunteer traveling / table top exhibits

Engineering activities at Burns

  • Check Value and Pump
  • Moire
  • Magnetic Tightrope
  • Everyone is You and Me
  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • Frozen Hand
  • Look Into Infinity

Summer camp, Family Science / STEM nights, school visits

  • MOAS – 2015 as of 1/27/2016
  • The Tech

Exhibit / demonstration ideas / purchase / license

  • Exploratorium – Engineering and Tinkering
  • Science Museum, Boston – Engineering is Elementary,
  • Museum of Science and Industry Chicago – MSI is making the award-winning exhibit content from our recent permanent exhibitions available for licensing and reproduction. Media and software titles are available for use in museums, schools, health centers and many other venues.

four types of play that
foster inventive thinking:

  • exploration/ tinkering
  • make believe/ visual thinking
  • social play/ collaboration
  • puzzle play/ problem sol