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Man in suit

Suit in a can
Spray-On Clothing – Deliver a Suit in a Can. Start-up develops fiber-laden sartorial aerosol that can be styled and worn (video 2:28) preparation and fashion show of designer creations made with spray-on material. For exotic shapes, frameworks worn by the models are then over-coated with spray-on material.

  • Ask – Why would any one want to spray-on clothing? The designer has ideas for unique clothing that can’t be created using regular fabric. What are the properties of the material to be used in clothing? It can’t be harmful to the wearer. It has to be flexible to allow for movement but provide structure for the garment over the framework beneath.
  • Imagine – What is the chemistry and engineering necessary to create spray-on material? What are the properties of the material and the process? Using spray cans to apply the material determines some of the properties for the material. It is stored in the pressurized can and “hardens” when sprayed.
  • Plan, Create – How is the material recyclable? The garments can’t be removed and reused, so recycling is important.
  • Improve – How could spray-on materials be used in other applications – military, medical,…?

That’s engineering

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Engineering ideas

  • material, structure, solvent, polymer