marine biology

marine discovery – research

Marine Engineers and Naval Architects – Marine engineers and naval architects design, build, and maintain ships from aircraft carriers to submarines, from sailboats to tankers. Marine engineers work on the mechanical systems, such as propulsion and steering. Naval architects work on the basic design, including the form and stability of hulls.


  • bridges, boats
  • Army Corps of Engineers – Intra Coastal Waterway (ICW) – dredging, channel marks,
  • anchor designs
  • research equipment – plankton scoop, NOAA buoys
  • boat motors – outboard, diesel, electric, generators

Meet the people in Marine Engineering

  • Sylvia Earle – National Geographic explorer-in-residence and former NOAA chief scientist Sylvia Earle has gone—literally—where no one has gone before. She’s a marine biologist, explorer, and ocean advocate who counts more than 100 deep sea explorations under her belt and broke records by diving solo at a depth of 1,000 meters. Earle also led an all-female team of explorers called the Tektite Project, who lived in an underwater laboratory to study ocean species and the effects of underwater living on human bodies. She’s since founded multiple research foundations and currently focuses on the role oceans will play in climate change.

marine engineer – ships, oil rigs

That’s engineering

  • ecosystem – a set or arrangement of plants, animals and bacteria interrelated together with its physical and chemical environment
  • bioluminescence – the process by which living things produce light
  • plankton – tiny plants and animals that live on or near the surface of the ocean

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