Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu’s Stairway of Fountains – One of the most spectacular examples of Inca hydraulic engineering is the “Stairway of Fountains,” built sometime after 1450 at the city of Machu Picchu. The fountains supplied the city’s inhabitants with clean, fresh water. The first challenge the Inca faced was how to bring water from a pair of rain-fed springs almost half a mile away from the first fountain.

how Machu Picchu was built – The earliest and greatest engineers were the Incas. what was once a 24,000-mile network of roads and gazed in amazement at civil and religious works perched atop, or on the sides of, steep mountains near Cuzco, the Incan capital. The structures at Machu Picchu are the best-known of the Incan triumphs, but there is so much more.

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