scale model

Scale model of ancient Holzrechen Hallein

Model – a way of showing the way something is made or constructed. In modern times, modeling is often done on computers with CAD systems, as these models are cheaper and easy to work with, change, and analyze.

Scale – an important concept when building models. To ensure that the model will accurately represent the real thing, it is important that the size, shape, etc. are all in the same proportion as the design, or, in other words, “to scale.” Large projects such as a building might be modeled at a very small scale, such as 1:100 (read “1 to 100”), whereas very small and complicated parts might be enlarged to be more easily understood.
Space Needle model – 1969-2005
This is a scale model of the 176 foot tall ride which was located next to the Daytona Beach pier
The scale is 1:18 (1 foot = 18 feet)

Needle model construction. Top section rotates so has a special armature to drive the rotation.