Marion Mahony Griffin

Marion Mahony Griffin 1930

Marion Mahony Griffin – One of the first female licensed architects in the U.S., Marion Mahony Griffin was also a talented artist—which is why legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright hired her as his first employee in 1895. Griffin designed stained glass panels and decorative furniture pieces as well as buildings, but she used her artistic prowess to help transform the field of architectural drafting. Through gorgeous watercolor renderings of potential projects, Griffin developed a signature drawing style which Wright became known for and turned his architectural renderings into art.

  • Her career, which included important collaborations with Frank Lloyd Wright and with Walter Burley Griffin, an architect she later married, took her to three continents and spanned more than six decades. Her work in the United States developed and expanded the American Prairie School, while her work in Australia and India reflected the Prairie School ideals of indigenous landscape and materials in the architecture of newly formed democracies.