LEGO block party

Lego masterpieces are on display

LEGO fun facts

Thinking things

  • 3D thinking spatial visualization – 6 blocks – +900 million combinations – construct, draw on iso grid paper
  • marble maze
  • Rube Goldberg – enter / exit – Hilbert’s Curve – mid point on faces that meet in corner
  • journal – LEGO facts, drawings, diagrams – isographdots

theme constructions – select, design, build ? teams / pairs

  • civil – buildings & bridges – ancient architecture, landmarks – Golden Gate Bridge, Eiffle Tower, Statue of Liberty, St Louis Gateway Arch, Pont du Gard, Pantheon, Mount Rushmore, Empire State Building, tallest building in the world, The London Eye ferris wheel, Disney Epcot Center geodesic dome
  • mechanical – machines – crane, amusement park – roller coaster
  • for competition – cars similar to pinewood derby – sloped track, rubber band power, wind power

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