Is engineering for me?

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Some people know by high school that they want to be engineers – go to engineering school and work in a particular industry or area of interest.

Is engineering for me? To help you explore engineering and decide if it is for you:

  • guides, pathways, as-needed, personalized
  • projects, deliverables, process, inquiry
  • required / nice to have
  • Curtis-Wright Cadettes
  • learning vs teaching
  • formative assessment > paths, resources


  • interests, hobbies, organizations
  • high school classes
  • friends and family
  • role models
  • industry, area of interest
  • pre-requisite


  • cost
  • high school preparation
  • engineering school admissions requirements
  • gender-bias

“End run”

  • alternate path
  • by association – complementary skills, knowledge
  • specialization
  • entrepreneurship

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