Introducing Girls to Engineering

There is a little bit of engineer in every girl

Introducing Girls to Engineering Workshop (IGEW)

  • Girls Grades 3-6

Five things every girl should know about engineering

  • Curiosity – Engineers ask lots of questions.
  • Creativity – Engineers dream up creative, yet practical solutions.
  • Teamwork – Engineers work with smart, inspiring people.
  • Opportunity – Engineers work in many different fields.
  • Helping others – Engineers work to make our world safer, cleaner, healthier.

There’s a little bit of engineer in every girl (video 2:04) – There’s a little bit of engineer in every girl and it’s our job to bring it out. Watch this inspiring video featuring six female engineers from Bechtel, ExxonMobil, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and TE Connectivity.

  • Teamwork (video 0:37) – Engineers work with smart, inspiring people. Christy Predaina, Manager of Programs at Northrop Grumman Information Systems, shares how engineers use teamwork to create amazing things they never thought possible.
  • Girl Day “Bring It Out”
  • Engineering and Girls – additional resources

Introducing Girls to Engineering Workshop (IGEW) – Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

  • Alkaseltzer Rockets – Learn about NASA’s work, Aerospace Engineering, and Newton’s Second law while making and launching rockets high into the sky!
  • Angry Test Pilots – Build a catapult to see who can launch and hit a variety of angry feathered and piggy targets – a real life version of the mobile app! animated with Scratch
  • [/Bounce%20into%20Polymer%20Science Bounce into Polymer Science] – Learn about the exciting applications of polymers – the secret ingredient to most toys – and make your own bouncy ball!
  • [/igew%20Bridges Bridges] – Engineers and architects designed the famous Brooklyn Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, London Bridge, and others. Find out about civil engineering as you design and test your own bridge!
  • [/Chocolate%20Asphalt Chocolate Asphalt] – Learn about road construction and what a civil engineer does while you make chocolate ‘asphalt’ – a delicious layered dessert!
  • [/Design%20a%20Dessert Design a Dessert] – Find out what a design engineer does as you design and construct a dessert!
  • [/Design%20a%20Roller%20Coaster Design a Roller Coaster] – Like roller coasters? This is your chance to be the mechanical engineer that designs and builds one!
  • [/Duct%20Tape%20Creations Duct Tape Creations] – Use the ultimate engineer’s tool: duct tape! And show off your fashionista skills! You will be able to make wallets, flowers, and other creations so bring your creativity!
  • [/Egg%20Bungee%20Jump Egg Bungee Jump] – Can you design and build an egg bungee jump that will keep the egg from breaking?
  • [/igew%20Gears Gears] – Learn how engineers use gears to make work easier while you use LEGO gears to make a machine.
  • [/Minute%20to%20Win%20It Minute to Win It] – Test your skills with our 60 second challenges to master physics – do you have what it takes to win prizes?
  • [/Programming%20Robots Programming Robots] – Learn about robots and computer programming while you program a LEGO robot and tell it what to do! (Warning: will not teach you how to tell your sibling what to do)
  • [/Space%20Ninjas Space Ninjas]: Spy Satellites – Learn how satellites work in outer space and why they are important, then design and build your own!
  • [/Steady%20Hands Steady Hands] – Learn about electrical circuits while you build a Steady Hands Game.
  • [/Tie%20Dye%20and%20Forensics Tie Dye and Forensics] – Make a Tie Dye Bandana while you learn about chromatography and how it isused in forensics to catch criminals!

Other modules

  • CSI – Become a Crime Scene Investigator. Learn how to lift and save a finger print with special finger print powder and match it to find the “culprit.” Then create dental or shoe prints for your group and learn how to identify the suspect.
  • [/Making%20Cosmetics Making Cosmetics] – Become a chemical or manufacturing engineer while you make cosmetics or other body products.
  • Nanotechnology – Experiment with a new field of science – nanotechnology.
  • Design a Lunar Lander – Can you design and build a lunar lander that will protect your “marshmallow” astronauts?
  • Engineering Accessories – Learn the unique properties of polymers and identify what types of materials can be recycled.
  • Heavy Lifting – We Challenge You To…design and build a crane and see how heavy a load it can lift.
  • [/Tool%20Time Tool Time] – Hands-on learning about the use of different tools and what’s inside small electrical appliances.

News, updates

  • [/IGEW%202014%20notes IGEW 2014 notes]
  • [/IGEW%202015%20notes IGEW 2015 notes]

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