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Materials and Industrial Engineering labs & workshops late 1970’s

Industrial engineering (video 6:29) – See snapshots of successful industrial engineers in the workplace.

Industrial engineers develop and implement plans to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization. They look at how people, machines, energy, resources, and information are used to accomplish management’s goals and devise ways to improve those methods. Industrial engineers have sometimes been called “productivity people” and “efficiency experts”.

Industrial engineers design and implement the most cost-effective organization of resources (people, information, energy, materials, and machines) for manufacturing and distributing engineering services and goods. Examples of new human-related challenges are improving safety and ergonomic design of cars for average or physically challenged individuals. Industrial engineers typically work for a variety of manufacturing organizations such as Intel, Boeing, and Honeywell.

Engineering Optimization

Cost analysis

Meet the people in Industrial Engineering
Industrial engineers use engineering methods and the principles of scientific management to design, improve, and install of integrated systems of people, materials, information equipment and energy. They analyze and evaluate methods of production and point out ways to improve them, and help decide how a company should use its resources.

  • Tim Leopold, Industrial and Systems Manufacturing Engineer – My job is to evaluate manufacturing problems and support the manufacturing departments when they aren’t able to properly analyze their problems. One example of this is in our paint department. Because Honda is always striving to produce the highest quality product, we need to make sure that all of our vehicles have no paint defects when they are delivered to our customers. The way that we do this is to inspect every unit that passes through our paint shop and repair the units that have fiber in the finish. The units that require some re-work are sent through our repair area while the rest of the good bodies are sent to the good body storage.

That’s engineering

  • implement – to successfully put into action or carry out to completion

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