imagine Mars

NASA Mars Rover

Imagine Mars Project (video 25:56) – overview of what it would be like to live on Mars and some of the challenges, and an overview of the project activities.
Imagine Mars Project – a hands-on, STEM-based project to work with NASA scientists and engineers to imagine and design a community on Mars. Explore your own community and decide which arts, scientific, and cultural elements will be important on Mars. Then, develop the concepts relating to a future Mars community from an interdisciplinary perspective of arts, sciences, and technology. There are many types of projects to fit any group: Design Arts, Performance Arts, Visual Arts, and Language Arts. Examples – baseball – changes to play on Mars.

Mars Student Imaging Project (MSIP) – an immersive and transformational way for students in grades 5 through early college to engage in scientific process and practices through authentic research experiences. MSIP enhances the teaching of traditional courses, such as physical science, Earth science, chemistry, and biology. MSIP also incorporates 21st Century Skills to help students be ready for the STEM workforce.

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