IGEW 2014

Introducing Girls to Engineering Workshop (IGEW) 2014 notes

  • Chocolate Asphalt — we use chocolate chips instead of the cocoa/milk, etc mix and also use Jimmies (cake decorations) instead of coconut (noted in the instructions). We generally have borrowed a large roaster from Susan Floyd to melt the chocolate. It works a lot better than a crock pot. There are stainless steel table spoons for mixing the chocolate in the storage tub. We buy deli containers to mix in. One leader developed a story scenario to introduce the subject. (attached)
  • Alkaseltzer rockets — changed the pattern — there are some in storage. I can probably find a pdf for it as well. If the person doing the module hasn’t done it before, they need to practice ahead of time. Note that you cannot use cold water. (This is particularly important when we do IGEW in Jan/Feb but probably not a problem now.)
  • Bridges: We modified the design to use fewer craft sticks. The instructions show a 55 stick model — we only use 44 now. Sample bridges in the bridge tub. There is a Jig for use with a drill press for drilling the jumbo craft sticks. Also need 6 inch bamboo skewers with the points cut off (7 per bridge). We normally stacked the craft sticks in piles of 11 and drilled them all at once using a drill press to cut down on the drilling.
  • Tie dye bandanas: instructions are in the file. We used to use the red paint buckets to do the alcohol over. Someone a couple years ago changed to doing it over a plastic plate — not sure why. Did have a lot of complaints about the fumes. They started putting a couple tables outside and doing the alcohol outside. This module doesn’t use up the 45 minutes. The last time I “managed” volunteers, I had them do candy chromatography along with it — using M&M’s and Reeses pieces.
  • Gears: This was done last year using a lego gear setup that Harris created. I have a ppt that goes with it. Laura Melnik presented the material last year, but she didn’t use the ppt — it’s long and doesn’t give the girls much of an opportunity to do hands on learning. Harris was pretty particular about having a Harris person in the room during the activity and someone needs to make arrangements to get their gear kits. * Gears – The Gears kits include LEGO examples of about 6 types of gears so the girls can connect them to drive a chain of gears from one crank.
  • Steady Hands – See detailed instructions from Agilent Kits.
  • Design a Dessert – Find out what a design engineer does as you design and construct a dessert.
  • Angry Test Pilots – Build a catapult to see who can launch and catch a test “ping pong ball” pilot.
  • Minute to Win It – Test your skills with our 60 second challenges that use objects that are commonly available around the house
  • Duct Tape Creations – Engineering comes alive with handmade creations that can be transformed from one thing to another all using duct tape while you make wallets and other creations.
  • Programming Robots – Learn about robots and try your hand at programming a robot to complete an obstacle course.