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Honda ASIMO (ver. 2011) 2011 Tokyo Motor Show

There is a lot of interest in how people and robots interact. What should robots look like? Should the look like people or more like a machine? How should the robot behave – as smart tool or more like a companion?

ASIMO is a humanoid robot created by Honda. Standing at 130 centimeters and weighing 54 kilograms, the robot resembles a small astronaut wearing a backpack and can walk on two feet in a manner resembling human locomotion at up to 6 km/h. ASIMO was created at Honda’s Research & Development Wako Fundamental Technical Research Center in Japan.

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Human Factors

  • Gait analysis is the study of human motion that can be utilized as biometric information or identification, for medical diagnostics or for comparative biomechanics. Gait analysis is the systematic study of human motion, using visual observations and movement measurements. The technology to analyze gait patterns has advanced dramatically in the past few decades. Researchers now have a better understanding of the process of human locomotion and how individual testing and gait analysis can assist in diagnosis and treatment of some medical conditions.


  • human-machine interface – wristband that allows you to control your computer with hand gestures. It operates on both motion sensing and by detecting when muscles in the forearm are activated. video. Gestures control presentations, video, content, games, browse the web, create music, edit videos.
  • Guided by Touch Screens, Blind Turn to Smartphones for Sight – Advocates for the blind say smartphones and tablets could be the biggest aid to come along since Braille was invented in the 1820s.

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Senior Solutions – FIRST LEGO League challenge 2012-2013

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  • accelerometer: A device that measures the physical acceleration experienced by an object.
  • dynamicity: In terms of gait analysis, the quantification of variations in kinematic or kinetic parameters within a step.
  • gait: The stride of a human as s/he moves his/her limbs.
  • metric: A quantitative indicator of a characteristic or attribute.
  • symmetry: In terms of gait analysis, the quantification of differences between left-foot and right-foot steps.
  • variability: In terms of gait analysis, the quantification of fluctuations from one stride to the next.

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