Hydraulic Face Shovel

Excavator – a type of construction truck and machinery, also called a digger, sometimes abbreviated simply to a 360 (from 360-degree excavators), an engineering vehicle consisting of a backhoe and cab mounted on a pivot (a rotating platform) atop an undercarriage with tracks or wheels. Their design is a natural progression from the steam shovel.

Excavators are used in several tasks on construction areas, such as: brush cutting (with hydraulic attachments), digging of trenches, holes, foundations, demolition, general grading (landscaping), heavy lift, mining and river dredging.

What’s the problem?

  • Ask – Machinery for digging a hole or a trench, or removing dirt and rocks saves a lot of time and effort. How can these tasks be done with rugged machines that can lift heavy loads? How will it place the load away from the hole? How will the machine move around the work site?
  • Imagine – Start by simply replacing a person digging with a shovel, What are the motions and forces involved in shoveling? How can this be done with a machine? What simple machines are involved? How are the simple machines connected into a single unit?
  • Plan, Create – Usually machines are manufactured as components before final assembly. What components are used? How are the component assembled? What controls are necessary to power and direct the machine?
  • Improve – Once the basic capability has been designed and built, there are often additional features that can be included for improved efficiency, cost reduction, and operator comfort and safety.

That’s engineering

  • boom
  • tracks
  • shovel
  • bucket

Engineering ideas

  • pivot, hydraulic, lift, load, weight

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