SWE Society of Women Engineers

US Navy Capt. Paz B. Gomez delivers the keynote address at the Society of Women Engineers conference in Baltimore

Society of Women Engineers oral history – The Society of Women Engineers has conducted over 75 oral history interviews with its members to document the careers and experiences of women in engineering, as well as the history and growth of the Society. The interviews have been conducted in three separate projects: Profiles of SWE Pioneers Oral History Project, SWE StoryCorps Interviews, and the ongoing SWE Grassroots Oral History Project.

SWE Outreach

  • Parent Educator Program (PEP) – 31% of first university degrees in China are in engineering, in US – 4%. creativity, problems solving, impact on the world.

Society of Women Engineers, Space Coast Section

  • Experience the creativity and innovation of engineering and technology.
  • Meet women engineers and technologists and hear first-hand about these exciting careers.
  • Participate in 5 hands on projects listed below.
  • Women’s Engineering Society (WES) – Poster

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