Spreadsheet animation

Engineers do calculations and keep track of data, project tasks, and other information that can be conveniently stored, manipulated and displayed in spreadsheets. Many engineering courses include introductions to using spreadsheets for engineering practice.

Spreadsheets – The main spreadsheet software applications used by engineers are Microsoft Excel, and OpenOffice.

Basics – data, rows, columns.
Calculations sum, functions
Logic. And. Or. Not.
Conditionals. If. True. False. Nested. Compound conditional.
Lookup. Data validation.
Formatting. Conditional.
Sorting. Filters.
Parameters. Slides.

Graphs. Types

Models and systems.
Linear functions. Newton’s first law. Newton’s second law. Springs


Exponential. Growth function. Decay function. Exponential constant. Eurler’s number. Napier constant. Moore’s law.

Mathematical models. Trend line. Dependent variable. Independent variable. Asymptote. Coefficient of determination. R squared value. Logarithmic.