maker space

Simple machines

  • LEGO kit. Make. Photo and email. Disassemble and put back in kit
  • Books
  • Photo gallery of maker projects. Library web site.
  • Notice board. Promotion. Infographic. paper letters, graphics

Digital maker space

  • PSA for one of the simple machines – green screen iMovie
  • Contest. What is maker space. What can I do?
  • Scratch game
  • Hour of Code
  • mobile app – Yapp, Webmaker app


  • Project of the week
  • Suggestions / prioritize suggestions
  • 3D printer. Pick from designs and print. Learn to make own designs – TinkerCAD


  • Model chair from card stock
  • Origami. Paper sculpture
  • Quilting, knitting, fabric art
  • String letters
  • Newspaper clothing


  • Books. Web sites. Pinterest.
  • Glue gun..tape – duct, masking, clear. Stapler.