Mels sand doodle

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Doodle Buddy for iPad – Paint, Draw, Scribble, Sketch

Doodle Buddy for iPad is the most fun you can have with your finger–heck, it’s the most fun you can have with all your fingers! Finger paint with thousands of colors and drop in playful stamps.

  • Paint with multiple fingers, yea like in pre-school!
  • Funny sounds paired with stamps are a blast!
  • Doodle and stamp all over your own pictures.
  • Lots of cool drawing tools: paintbrush, glitter, chalk, text, stencils, smudge and more!
  • 44,000-color picker doesn’t get your fingers dirty.
  • Share your doodles with your friends via email.

Anyone can draw with Doodle Buddy for iPad–from a hip Grandma to a snotty two year-old kid. If you mess up, just undo your last stroke. To start over, simply shake your iPad.

Doodle Buddy Tutorials

  • Introduction to Doodle Buddy – introduces you to the Doodle Buddy application. View the different features of the app, and the various tools available for your use as you doodle.
  • Pick your Doodle Utensils – describes to you the different options you have to use when creating your image. Choose from chalk, marker, glitter, or use the eraser to get started!
  • How to use the Stamp feature – how to use the stamp feature that is provided within the app.
  • How to use the Text feature – learn how to use the text feature to write things rather than draw them with your finger. Choose from 4 different font choices!
  • How to select a background – how to select or change the background image of your Doodle board. Choose from a plain color, or a scenes from different locations around the world to spice up your Doodle.
  • How to save your Doodle – save your Doodle and share it with a friend, parent, or teacher!

Do it
Here are some challenges for you to work on…

  • sketch some Maker Space project ideas – keeping a digital [/design%20notebook design notebook] is important as a memory aid for your and for sharing your ideas with others.