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Dance Dance Revolution Extreme arcade
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme arcade machine stage longways
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  • Dance Dance Revolution – wii
  • Just Dance (video 1:40) – Players follow on-screen prompts via motion control to execute dance moves and earn high scores.
  • Challenger mode pits you not only against family and friends, but also tests your dancing abilities alongside top-ranked players from around the world by showing off your top scores.
  • Community Remix feature allows you to record and then share your hottest moves as a Just Dance coach, which can then be voted as the best by other players.
  • Online Multiplayer allows you to dance with just about anyone from around the world
  • Autodance mode inspires dancers to get crazy as it creates short videos that can be shared with others.
  • track workouts in Sweat mode
  • Stage mode allows players to put on a show with two backup dancers.
  • Karaoke mode puts lyrics on-screen so performers can sing and dance their way into stardom.