CBB could be better

Could Be Better (CBB) – Engineers are often see where something can be improved. It may not be possible to make those improvements right now. It is good remember this things. Sometime in the future, there may be an opportunity to make those changes. Sometimes new companies come from these good ideas.

Many engineers’ jobs are to make things better. That covers a huge range of improvements – faster, cheater, lighter, smaller, bigger, more efficient, less wasteful, easier to manufacture

Objectives, goals

Analysis – current situation


  • time
  • money
  • resources

Trade-offs, priorities

Perfect enough

What do you think?

  • What are some examples of things that have been improved? How is the new version better than the old one?
  • Are there other improvements that you would like to have? Why haven’t these improvements been made already?

Engineering ideas

  • innovation, requirements, needs analysis, limitations, budget, production, market research