continuous improvement

continuous improvement

quality circle – a group of workers who do the same or similar work, who meet regularly to identify, analyze and solve work-related problems.

What’s the problem?
Galaxy Desserts wanted to explore operational improvement opportunities in its croissant line and packaging areas. The team focused specifically on the existing croissant line and existing packaging area/team to drive high-impact results, within these two critically important areas.

  • Ask – How were they producing product with the current manufacturing layout?
  • Imagine – How could the layout be changed to improve the overall production process? How could the number of croissants produced be increased? Could this also result in reduced costs?
  • Design, Build – Galaxy Desserts dramatically increased production levels within the croissant line.
  • Improve – Improved flow with new layout. Increased throughput by 100%. Reduced per unit cost by 20%

That’s engineering

  • throughput

Engineering ideas

  • operations, performance, throughput, capacity, cost per unit, fixed cost, plant, equipment, value stream, waste, inventory