computer modeling

Eyelashes: The ‘sweet’ length – New mathematical and aerodynamics studies find what seems to be the optimal length for eyelashes — the length that protects best. Overly long lashes could sabotage their ability to protect the eyes, research shows. It started with tests in special, small-size wind tunnels. Hu’s team then used these data in mathematical simulations, known as computer models, to evaluate the benefits of various length lashes.
That’s engineering

  • matematical model – the quantitative general characterization of a process, object, or concept, in terms of mathematics, which enables relatively simple manipulation of variables in order to determine how a process, object, or concept would behave in different situations.
  • aerodynamics – A study of how gases flow around objects.
  • computer model – A program that runs on a computer that creates a model, or simulation, of a real-world feature, phenomenon or event.