tech lab

10 Reasons to Love Engineering

Why should children learn about engineering? – Our goal is to not only make children aware of the engineering profession and its impact on their lives, but also to help them understand other subjects more deeply through engineering. Our hope is to create a learning environment that engages all children and helps them to see themselves as the engineers who will be designing the future.

  • give students choice in their learning path and implement inquiry-based learning – assessing this project – grade the process, not the final product or presentation. G.R.I.T. Rubric assesses students on their Guts, Resiliency, Integrity, and Tenacity throughout the project.
  • MatLab – intro, free textbook
  • Engineering: An Introduction for High School – free online textbook – Engineers contribute to the development of many innovations that improve life. We investigate how engineers work to meet human needs and great engineering accomplishments of the past. We also consider needs that engineering must meet in the future.
  • slides * Scratch * App Inventor * Design a toy * Cardboard – 3d model (123D), chair * Paper – geodesic dome, bridge, tower * storeroom – mystery box challenge
  • 2017.1 * cardboard chair. chainary structure * LEGO toys – model, no wheels, pull or motor. draw iso 3D * Plarn – plastic yarn made from bags

These are the modules in the Tech Lab

  • Applied Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Changing Oceans
  • CNC Manufacturing
  • Electricity
  • Energy, Power & Mechanics
  • Engineering Bridges
  • Flight Technology
  • Forensic Science
  • Future Fuels
  • Geometric Packing
  • Graphic Communications
  • Research & Design
  • Robots
  • Rocketry & Space