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Engineering highlights – vocabulary, ideas and examples of engineering to add the Engineering E to these lessons.

Many of the CPALMS lesson plans include engineering but don’t point these out.

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Crazy Crayons!
Grade Level(s): 2
Crayons – description, how they are made video, engineering ideas, vocabulary
Materials Engineer – properties, material, analysis, compare, scale, measure, test
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  • Transfer to paper – Is the writing smooth or bumpy when you write on paper?
  • Vibrancy of color – Are the crayons bright or dull in color?
  • Color residue left on hands Does the crayon leave color on your hands?
  • Breakage on scale of 1-3 (3-breaks very easily with normal use, 2-breaks with some normal use 1-does not break with normal use) How easily are the crayons broken?