bronze age

Metallurgical diffusion

Diffusion of metallurgy in Europe and Asia Minor. The darkest areas are the oldest.

Bronze Age – a period characterized by the use of copper and its alloy bronze and proto-writing, and other features of urban civilization.

The Bronze Age is the second principal period for classifying and studying ancient societies. An ancient civilization can be in the Bronze Age either by smelting its own copper and alloying with tin, or by trading for bronze from production areas elsewhere. Worldwide, the Bronze Age generally followed the Neolithic period, and the Iron Age generally followed the Bronze Age.

Man-made tin bronze technology requires set production techniques. Tin must be mined (mainly as the tin ore cassiterite) and smelted separately, then added to molten copper to make the bronze alloy. The Bronze Age was a time of heavy use of metals and of developing trade networks.

Bronze was used to make weapons, containers, household goods such as lamps, plates, jugs, cups and jewelery.

Engineering ideas

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