Sanderlings in flight, immatures in fall.

Biomechanics – the research and analysis of the mechanics of living organisms. Examples of biomechanics research include the investigation of the forces that act on limbs, the aerodynamics of bird and insect flight, the hydrodynamics of swimming in fish and locomotion in general across all forms of life, from individual cells to whole organisms.

Kinematics (mechanics] – describes the motion of points, bodies (objects) and systems of bodies (groups of objects).

What’s the problem?
Mantis shrimp (video 7:20) – the physics of why this little “shrimp” has so much power. Not only is its strikes deadly, according to; even if the Mantis shrimp misses its target, the shockwave caused by the punch is enough to kill the prey.
That’s engineering

  • third class lever

Engineering ideas

  • lever, force, static, weight

Do It
Challenges for you to work on…

  • Mechanical hand project – made from drinking straws. Build a fully functional hand using only straws. The assembly is pretty simple. Yet, this design achieves fully mechanical hand that rebounds back to its original state when the tendons release their tension.
  • Biomechanics and Hand Weights – Try this introduction to arm as a third class lever. Determine force in the bicep muscle when statically holding a weight. Investigate the difference in forces when holding the weight in various positions

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